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In Bulgaria because of the 4 distinctive seasons in a year , there are certain jobs required through the year as part of the propertry maintenance and management , to keep the property in sound condition and avoid problems that could cost thousands if the importance of the jobs below has been neglected by property owners who do not live permanent in the country , or such who travel a lot.

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The so called ‘ Winterizing ‘ job – before Winter sets in and temperature goes freezing at night , the water in the pipes must be drained , all taps open and the fittings undone , to prevent from freezing up and cracking.Same for the hot water cylinder.The water meter is usually located in a separate tank near the house , that needs wrapping up in insulation , to prevent from cracking and leaks that cost thousands.Antifreeze needs to be added down the toilets .Any outside sinks and taps need taking care of.The central heating boiler and radiators all need checking as well as the battery backup and pump.We arrange for all these jobs to be done by a professional plumber and heating engineer , with a guarantee. In the Spring or before someone is due to stay in the house again , all needs to be made operational again so the house is back to normal use. Alternatively you could try and do all these yourself ( free advise here ) , or rely on the neighbour for a small treat , and hope for a good outcome after the Winter.Or arrive back to a disaster and start looking for professionals to sort problems out at short notice.

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Once Spring has set in , weeds ,bushes and grass grow like mushrooms and what is a tidy looking garden can turn into a jungle in the space of two weeks.It is very important that one keeps on top of it all from the very start , otherwise weeks of no attention or visit in the Spring may lead to property being fully unaccessible and a big job of days work with chain saw and tools needed to bring back to standard.What we offer intead is , we arrange for experienced gardeners to visit the property once every two or three weeks ( depending on the weather and the amount of rain ) and make sure it is kept tidy.From experience , Apr through till Sep a property with an average garden takes 5 to 7 visits to be kept tidy right through the year. Alternatively , you could spend hundreds on gardening machinery and tools and have to repair them often and do it yourself or count on the neighbour’s judgement what and when is needed for a small treat , then hope for a good outcome (free advise here).

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And last but not least , when visiting the property to get these jobs done , we keep an eye on it and neighbours and passers by notice that the property is being managed well and looked after which makes it generally safe and reduces significantly the risk of someone breaking in or causing damaged just because the property is not being lived in.Regular visits also increase the chance of spotting a problem which has occurred and the owners can be duly informed about it so it gets dealt with sooner rather than later , which again from our experience can save property owners thousands ( wasted money ).Also should you decide to sell your property one day , its value is much higher if it has been well maintained.

Annual cost for the CARE package ( all described above jobs ) and also advice and assistance ( getting estimates and quotations from builders and professionals ) for any repair and building works if and when required , is 750 EUR ( excl VAT ) payable in January each year. We provide a contract and require a spare set of keys ( house or gate ) for access , we e-mail you every time we have been and provide ‘ before and after ‘ photographic evidence and keep a file with a record individually for each customer.

PLEASE NOTE - We could also arrange some or all of these jobs for customers who do not use the CARE package when required throughout the year but prices and deadlines may be significantly different subject to availability.

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