Mediation with property deals

  • For Sale

    Dear customer, if you buy or sell property with us, our commission is 3% on the agreed price (excl. VAT) of the sale (with a minimum of 750 EUR), payable at preliminary contract stage when the exact conditions of the deal have been negotiated and a guarantee deposit payment has been put down on the property.

    We stay with you until completion and also offer AFTER SALE SERVICES.

  • Layer-23-plus

    Commission is half of the monthly rental price (one-time payment), for garages the commission is one month rent, it is payable upon signing of the rental contract.

    Landlords usually ask for a guarantee deposit (equal to one month rent) and the rent for the first month upon moving in.

    Important note >> In case you would like to engage us further to make sure the Rental contract is being followed correctly, please see the Letting Management Service offered by us.
    If you do not use this service , our engagement finishes with having the Rental contract signed between the contracting parties, then the Landlord and the Tenant deal with each other according to the Rental contract agreements.


We also offer:

Bulgarian consultancy

  • Business consultancy and personal assistance, legal advice (independent English speaking solicitor and property attorney).
  • Company set up and company dissolve
  • Register a will
  • Translation and legalization of documents
  • Open bank accounts and set up internet banking
  • Car import and registration
  • Long term Bulgarian residency and Driving license
  • Any form of personal or business legal representation
  • Airport runs and business trips
  • Accommodations (short and long term) and holidays, organized intimate events

Dear customers, if you want to make an apointment or enquire about the fees for our after sales and consultancy services, please Contact us or Call on +359 893 382 367

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